Comment sont organisées les élections dans les camps de réfugiés.

Published in London, Routledge, 2015

Recommended citation: Wilson, A. (2015). " Comment sont organisées les élections dans les camps de réfugiés sahraouis? " [How do elections work in the Sahrawi refugee camps?] In Vericel, D.(eds) Lutter au Sahara. Du colonialisme vers l'ind'pendance au Sahara Occidental (Givors, APSO), pp. 213-230. .

This chapter examines the forms and stakes of elections in the Sahrawi refugee camps (in French).

For a more detailed analysis in English, see chapters 2 and 7 of Wilson’s Sovereignty in Exile. Chapter 2 examines the recycling of the social relations of tribes in the making of revolutionary state power, and in particular the explicit and implicit connections between political and electoral forms in the refugee camps, and political forms such as tribal councils.

Chapter 7 assesses political reforms in 2008 and 2014 that aimed to widen participation and accountability in political and electoral life in exile. It places “democratic casualties” of political experiments in exile in the context of the wider democratic casualties of the failure to achieve accountability for the right of the Sahrawi people to the right to self-determination.