Published in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Anthropology, 2019

Although early anthropology rarely addressed such movements or programmes for change directly, in recent years longstanding anthropological insights have helped shape an emerging field of the anthropology of revolution.. Read more

Ambivalences of mobility: Rival state authorities and mobile strategies in a Saharan conflict

Published in American Ethnologist, 2017

How do ongoing histories of physical mobility in economic and political life affect rival state authorities’ claims over a disputed territory? In the conflict over Western Sahara, wide-ranging strategies of mobility challenge familiar tropes of migration scholarship, in which states constrain people’s movements while subjects seek to escape such control. Read more

Gifts that recalibrate relationships: marriage prestations in an Arab liberation movement

Published in Ethnos, 2016

Enduring scholarly interest in the social relations of gift exchange has, following Mauss, emphasised how gifts make relationships. Where gifts break relationships, their ethnographic distinctiveness has reinforced the wider notion that gifts are good at making relations. This article examines gifts which, without the empirical distinctiveness of gifts that break relationships, both make and break relationships. Read more

North Africa’s invisible refugees

Published in Middle East Research and Information Project, 2016

This short article examines how Sahrawi refugees in Algeria seek visibility for their struggle for self-determination, both in exile and in post-exile migratory movements. Read more

Oman’s Consultative Council Elections

Published in Middle East Research and Information Project, 2016

This short article examines how an electoral league in Salalah, Oman, disrupted power relations at the local and national level during elections for Oman’s Consultative Council between 2003 and 2015. Read more

On the margins of the Arab Spring

Published in Social Analysis, 2015

Revisiting ‘the margins’ as an illuminating conceptual space analogous to, yet distinct from, the exception, this article explores the Arab Spring from its margins to highlight ‘silencing effects’ that, if they underpin the problematic notions of the Arab Spring and Arab exceptionalism, assume spectacular dimensions at the margins… Read more