The Everyday Lives of Sovereignty

June 15, 2021

Cornell University Press

Understandings of sovereignty have shifted from notions of supreme rule over territory to sovereignty as a social relation. To interrogate this shift…

For us, Parliament is a Tool for Liberation

October 11, 2017

London, Palgrave

Revolutions create exceptional contexts of liminality during which militants undertake extraordinary actions in the pursuit of social, political and economic transformations.

Going under the radar in Western Sahara

September 28, 2015

London, Routledge

The case for decolonization in Western Sahara hinges upon the right of the people of the territory to self-determination. Yet during four decades of Morocco and Western Sahara’s liberation movement vying for sovereignty over the territory, and two decades of UN attempts at conflict resolution, a political stalemate has taken hold which has left the people of Western Sahara all too often overlooked in their own conflict.